Glasfit Premium Window

Our premium window has been designed to incorporate the best components to achieve a modern, technologically advanced and highly energy efficient window.  

This window is manufactured with a 60mm Rehau profile and Rehau stainless steel hardware to ensure longevity and ease of operations. 

Our Premium+ window comes with internal security locking mechanism and intruder resistant glass throughout. 

Both windows can accommodate single glazing and double glazing in a variety of options such as energy efficient lowE glass, noise reducing glass and intruder resistant glass.   

U-Value 4.23 with SHGC 0.46 using clear glass*

U-Value 2.72 with SHGC 0.35 using LowE glass*

U-Value 2.93 with SHGC 0.35 using clear double glass*

U-Value 2.27 with SHGC 0.35 using LowE double glass*

                                                                                                                                                           *average values applied

Premium Window Specifications

  • Glass: Single or double glazed. 
  • Hinges: High quality stainless steel 304 grade heavy duty hinges specifically designed for uPVC windows. 
  • Internal locking mechanism: Premium+ windows are fitted with security internal multi-point locking mechanism operated by one handle.
  • Handle: Designer handles. 
  • Profile: 60mm Rehau profiles
  • Gaskets: Rehau EPDM gaskets.
  • Steel reinforcing: Minimum 1.5mm thick steel as per Rehau recommendations
  • Colours: Standard in white and 4 optional colours - see our Colour Section

Technical Information:

Maximum outer frame sizes for white profiles:

Solid fixed light maximum length of 3m but area may not exceed 6 square meters. 

Fixed frame with mullions and sashes: max length 4m but max area may not exceed 6 square meters. 

Anything larger must have an independent steel beam fitted by the builder or an expansion section.  

Maximum sizes and weight of the opening section of a windows:

Top hung sash with friction stay: width 1200 and height 1000, glass weight max 40kg.

Side hung sash with friction stay: width 600 and height 1500, glass weight 40kg.

All sizes must be checked and approved according to weight of glass. 

All sizes are recommended by Rehau and if exceeded do not carry any warranty.

We fit the best, best.                                                                                                                                                                    © Glasfit 2016