Slimtec window 

Our bench mark single glazed window design is manufactured using a 50mm Rehau uPVC profile and high quality GHI hardware to give you the best quality and most energy efficient single glazed window. 

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upvc windows

Premium and Premium+ window  

Our premium window has been designed to incorporate the best components to achieve a modern, technologically advanced and highly energy efficient window.  

Our Premium+ window comes with internal security locking mechanism and intruder resistant glass throughout.

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Euro window  

Our most advanced window that incorporates the latest tilt and turn hardware technology. 

This type of window has become the most popular choice of windows in many countries and the popularity is due to the fact that they are smooth, easy and safe to operate.  

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Secondary Glass

Secondary Glazing  

With secondary glazing you can add a second barrier to your already in place windows and achieve great noise reduction, energy efficient insulation and a security.

The secondary window opens inwards to allow access to your current window.  

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Trade window


Specially design for large volume projects. Based on our Slimtec window, incorporating efficient production and cost effective purchasing to ensure better and more efficient pricing due to large volumes.

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