Hurricane and Shutterguard Security Shutters 


This innovative, patented system provides an almost impenetrable barrier against burglars, without your house looking like a prison. It is the only product that does the job of shutters as well as burglar bars. The Shutter is manufactured entirely from aluminium and stainless steel, with a durable white powder-coated finish, and is therefore impervious to rust, wind and weather. It can also be fitted inside windows and sliding doors, and the louvres are fully adjustable to provide a clear view or to ensure privacy.The patented mechanism makes it extremely difficult for an intruder to break the louvres without the use of power tools – in a test, the shutters withstood a determined attack with a 2,2-kg hammer! 
As an optional extra, our shutters can now be fitted with a specially developed, patented key lock mechanism, for even greater security. Each unit is made to order and installed by our expert staff, to fit precisely and function perfectly. Get stylish protection from burglars with elegant, but tough, Security Shutter!

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Thermowood shutters

Thermowood Shutters are made from a durable, specially engineered wood sub­stitute that has been tested under both humid and arid conditions. Practical and elegant, it is a perfect finishing touch to your decor. It is manufactured entirely from extruded PVC and is completely impervious to moisture, is fire resistant and easy to clean. It will not crack, split or warp, either by the seaside or in the middle of the Karoo. Thermowood offers excellent control of light, noise and temperature, and the shutters can also be used to create an extra room on a stoep or patio. We  have also developed a “Clearview” version of its shutters, with the adjusting rod hidden in the frame.
Each set of shutters is custom-built with the highest structural integrity. It is installed only by trained staff and is guaran­teed to fit exactly and function perfectly.Shutters have become a fashionable window covering the world over. Contact us for a free quotation on this quality product.

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