Hinges Doors

Our doors are available in a single opening, double opening or stable door option. All doors are fitted with multipoint internal locking hardware from Roto-Frank and are fitted with intruder resistant glass to ensure highest security . 

The door can be specified to open inwards or outwards and can be manufactured with a low threshold or full frame threshold depending on your requirements.  

All doors can accommodate single glazing and double glazing in a variety of options such as energy efficient lowE glass, noise reducing glass or high intruder resistant glass. All above option will be intruder resistant glass as standard. 

U-Value 4.23 with SHGC 0.46 using clear glass*

U-Value 2.72 with SHGC 0.35 using LowE glass*

U-Value 2.93 with SHGC 0.35 using clear double glass*

U-Value 2.27 with SHGC 0.35 using LowE double glass*

                                                                                                                                                           *average values applied

Hinges Door Specifications

  • Glass: Single or double glazed intruder resistant glass.
  • Hinges: High quality Roto-Frank heavy duty 3D hinges. 
  • Internal locking mechanism: Security internal multi-point locking mechanism operated by one handle from Roto-Frank.
  • Handle: Designer handle options. 
  • Profile: 60mm Rehau profiles
  • Gaskets: Rehau EPDM gaskets.
  • Steel reinforcing: Throughout.
  • Colours: Standard in white and 4 optional colours - see our Colour Section

Technical Information:

Maximum sizes of the openings:

Single door/Stable door: width 1000 and height 2300, glass weight 60kg
Single door/Stable door: width 900 and height 2400, glass weight 60kg

Double door: width 1800 and height 2300, glass weight 60kg per sash
Double door: width 1600 and height 2400, glass weight 60kg per sash

All sizes must be checked and approved according to weight of glass. 

All sizes are recommended by Rehau and if exceeded do not carry any warranty.

We fit the best, best.                                                                                                                                                                    © Glasfit 2016