Eco Kids Pre - School


The building of the EcoKids school features a new trend in construction and in childcare. Where innovative thinking, aesthetic appreciation, imagination and curiosity are challenged, nurtured, and valued. Where an environmentally-friendly build compliments a natural, healthy setting. Our school is located in an environmentally sensitive wetland area with breathtaking views that instil a sense of wonderment and freedom.


At EcoKids we believe that a beautiful environment brings out the best in a child. Stimulating all the senses through well laid out, engaging spaces. We provide a dynamic blend of serene colours, natural materials, relaxing sounds and calming scents that combine to create an environment to maximize learning and play.

The physical building meets international standards for environmentally sustainable construction and offers unique features such as:

  • Double glazed uPVC windows
  • Solar-energy heating
  • Grey water recycling
  • Thermal resistance rating 10 times that of conventional buildings
  • Use of as much Natural lighting as possible
  • Odour-free, VOC free paints
  • Eco-friendly play equipment as far as possible
  • Natural, healthy meals
  • Natural personal care products and earth-friendly cleaning materials throughout the school


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